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A Wedding Video is a storytelling film about your Wedding. Whether it is through images or the mix of speeches, images, and music, the video or the wedding film, is shot very differently where we capture short clips about your event. Why the short clips you ask? Itís because they are shooting to tell a story, not just documenting every single minute of your wedding day.

Shankar and Janany

Shankar and Janany . Couple shoot was one of the more fun ones for us. Together with the couple, we planned their shoot weeks in advance. We did a full-fledged Post-wedding couple shoot in Bangalore , at Cubbon park.

It was a lovely getaway and Janany planned the outfits down to a T. We did quite a few sessions, with outfit changes in between, exploring different parts of the Cubbon Park with every series. Needless to say, the property provided an excellent backdrop for the shoot and all our planning paid off. We tried to make the very best of the light and it came together beautifully.