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A Wedding Video is a storytelling film about your Wedding. Whether it is through images or the mix of speeches, images, and music, the video or the wedding film, is shot very differently where we capture short clips about your event. Why the short clips you ask? Itís because they are shooting to tell a story, not just documenting every single minute of your wedding day.

Fayad and Jaseemais

There are weddings and then there are people who make you fall in love with their weddings. Fayad  and Jaseemais one such couple who made us fall in love with them the moment we met them at. We have been fortunate enough to have people who love our work, believe in our work and hence choose us. In return, we love the fact that they trust us so much and give us full creative freedom to work. These people are a photographer’s joy and delight.  We want to use this space to showcase some of the really beautiful moments which we captured from Fayad  and Jaseemais wedding without any posing, with a true sense of photojournalistic, candid and spontaneous approach. None of the images that you see here are posed. Like the old saying goes, a picture never lies. You can clearly see the honest, hearty laughter, the purity of emotion in each and every photograph. Hope you enjoy going through the set as much as we did taking them.